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Al Amal Association - Marrakech, Morroco


On our trip to Marrakech, Morocco last year, July we visited a children’s orphanage for little girls. Al Amal Association is a non-profit organisation founded in 2009. Their mission is to support initiatives for the protection and rehabilitation of young minor girls. They work together with the Protection Centre of Marrakech Childhood to provide coaching and development for girls. We made a donation to Al Amal Association to help them with their missions and goals for safe guarding young girls in Marrakech.


Al Amal Association - Update 4/4/2015


A year on and we visited Marrakech again in April, and visited the children’s orphanage once again to give a further donation, the President & Director of Al Amal Association were also present to meet us and give us a tour of the Centre. They showed us the bedrooms where the girls sleep and their brand new gymnasium they had installed recently for the girls. We were also taken to a room where all the children’s arts and crafts were kept and they gave us a few to keep for ourselves. On arrival we met a group of children and was welcomed by a song. After we had given the donation they also sang us another Thank You song to show their gratitude. We look forward to supporting this organisation for many more years to come.


Al Amal Association - Update 16/1/2016


It’s the New Year and time for our annual trip to Marrakech, Morocco. We paid a visit once again to Centre De Sauvegrade De L'Enfance - Jeunes Filles. On this occasion friends had also join to see what the center does and how they help to support and rehome young girls. The girls sang a lovely song when we all arrived and made us feel very welcome, we were greeted by one of the support staff who we are in regular contact with. Whilst we were there the whole room was filled with laughter and songs, they were incredibly happy to see us. The girls asked if we wanted to play a game with them and so we did. We had so much fun playing with them. Two of the girls were mothers to two beautiful children which were 4 and 10 months old. We were given a tour of the establishment and they showed us the new updates which they had done in the past year. Currently they have 36 children including the 2 babies, however they have the capacity to house 120 children. From our previous visit there had been new faces, the other girls had found new homes and one girl even got married! - which is great news. This establishment has been great to these girls and we will most definitely continue to support this wonderful association. Heres a few pictures of our day.



Al Amal Association - Update 26/8/2016


We once again have visited the association to make a further donation. When talking to our contact in Marakech she told us there is another branch part of the same assoication, however this branch is for boys. So on our way to the centre we stopped by a bought basket balls and footballs as we thought they would enjoy this. We was greeted by the children with a lovely welcome song. We was also given a tour of the facility, this centre was much more bigger than the girls centre and had much more space for outdoor activities.

Al Amal Association - Update 9/8/2019


In 2019, we made our next annual trip to visit and donate to the Centre De Sauvegrade De L’Enfance in Marrakech, Morocco. Upon arrival, the children greeted us with an amazing song making sure that we all felt welcomed into their home. On our way to the centre we were able to buy some footballs, basketball sets, ping-pong games and many other toys for them to all enjoy. We were able to give the boys all of the toys personally and see all of their very happy faces. We were then given another recent tour of the centre to learn that they had developed some of the teaching and play rooms to be more of a learning environment and much bigger for more children.

National Health Service (NHS) - COVID-19


During the tough times of the coronavirus situation, as a company we wanted to ensure that we helped our community in ways we knew how with food. With sponsors from Tamu Tamu and other outside donations, we delivered meals to Barnet hospital and other local hospitals to help out our frontline nurses, doctors and workers. We kindly received appreciations  from the Covid Incidents room directly, outlining how important giving back to our local communities in whichever way possible is impactful. We are extremely grateful for our NHS and all frontline heroes for their risk everyday despite the ongoing difficult circumstances. 

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