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About Us

Ready 2 Go serves the retail, catering and hotel sectors in the London area with high quality food products that are cooked and ready to go.  We are known for our quality, consistency and reliability. We take pride in providing a personal service for all our customers and it is our goal to try to exceed their expectations.


We take hygiene very seriously and we make sure our products are prepared in the cleanest of environments, to ensure the highest standards of food safety and hygiene. Our products are outsourced and made to our specifications which means that our customers can rest assured that the products we sell are controlled at every stage of the food-making process, from the arrival of fresh produce through to the delivery. This not only ensures that the products delivered are fresh, but also means that we can keep our costs for manufacturing at a bare minimum.


This gives you peace of mind and us satisfaction that you will receive only the very best.


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